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If you want to buy the best quality PVC folding doors then is the best place to look for. AadcpTOPP is among most old service providers in the field of Automatic Doors and Bifold doors We are enjoying a strong profile of great customer list and extra ordinary services for the satisfaction of Glass doors our customers and look forward to build stronger business relations in future.

Few things in there to worry about, we are at the top of the hill and the back of the house gets a fair battering off a south easterly, current ten year old upvc windows and slidings doors have leaked a little in the biggest of gales, hence the consideration of replacement.

For you this means we have gathered the expertise and experience and still offer superior Crawford industrial doors and loading dock equipment as well as Megadoor vertical-lifting fabric doors To complement your industrial doors , we also offer a broad range of automatic pedestrian- and high-performance doors as well as service from leading product brands Besam and Albany.

One question I hear frequently is Do folding doors have to be NAFS tested to comply with the Building Code?” This question does not have a simple answer, at least not in British Columbia, where every municipal building department can independently interpret and apply the Code.

DORMA’s design oriented portfolio provides a full range of products that include architectural door hardware, access solutions, specialty hardware for glass door and wall applications, door automation systems, revolving doors and operable wall systems.